Simonson Lumber Delivery Services

Full-service without delivery? We don’t think so. We go where you need us.

Large, difficult-to-handle products are worth more where you need them—at the job site—rather than sitting at the factory. Let us bring them to you.

    Simonson Lumber Delivery Services

    Simonson is committed to your project, offering a fleet of trucks that include:

    Freightliner Semi icon

    Freightliner Semi / Conastoga Flatbed Trailer / with Spyder lift:

    The latest addition to the fleet.

    Boom Truck icon

    Boom Trucks

    At least one per yard—and yes, we’ll bring it to the roof.

    Tandem bed and Spyder lift icon

    Tandem bed with Spyder lift

    Sometimes it’s just too tight for the booms.

    Two ton flatbed icon

    Two-Ton Flatbeds

    Single axle brings dump beds for larger loads, economically.

    One Ton Flatbed icon

    One Ton Flatbeds

    Box Van icon

    Box Van

    Millwork trucks.

    Trailer icon


    Millwork closed trailers and open flatbeds.

    Simonson Lumber Delivery Policy

    1. Our goal is to have 1st loads within a 25 mile radius of one of our warehouses at the jobsite by 8:00 AM.
    2. All orders for stock inventory called in before 4:30 PM can deliver within 24 hours. Exceptions to this are whole house starts (cap loads, etc.) and special orders. Cap loads should be given 48 hours minimum lead time within the 25 mile radius.
    3. Emergency orders for stock products called into our offices by 10:00 AM can be delivered the same day.
    4. Returns will be picked up from jobsite within 48 hours of notification. Returns should be placed in one location, clearly marked and ready for pickup. Photos are required on all returns.
    5. Postponed or rescheduled deliveries will be worked into the schedule on the new day requested as time allows.
    6. Non-stock and special orders can deliver the day after we receive the product.

    REMINDER of Key Features of each of our respective Delivery Responsibilities:

    • Unless picked up by the Customer, it is Customer’s sole responsibility to arrange for receipt of the Materials at the time of delivery.
    • Customer agrees that delivery at the location specified by Customer is not contingent upon Customer or its representative’s presence and signature.
    • Title and risk of loss for the Materials shall pass to the Customer upon delivery.
    • Simonson shall not be responsible for loss or damage to the Materials after delivery.
    • Simonson will use its best efforts to deliver Materials at the time designated by Customer. (See Delivery Policy above)

    However, Simonson shall not be liable for failure to deliver Materials in a timely manner.

    Upon receipt of the Materials, Customer shall inspect the Materials as they are unloaded or picked up, as the case may be, and shall promptly notify Simonson of all damages in writing. Except as to damage which is concealed at the time of such inspection, Materials unloaded or picked up without damage recorded at the time of delivery or set out in writing to Simonson within five (5) days of pick-up or delivery shall be deemed delivered in good and satisfactory condition.

    Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Simonson harmless from any claim for damage to other property of the customer or any other person arising from the delivery of Materials.

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