Celebrating over 100 years of business

More than 100 years ago, Simonson Lumber planted its roots in Minnesota as a small, family-first lumber yard.

Since then, we’ve grown to six locations across the state and have partnered with thousands of people—building dreams piece by piece. Though we’re much bigger than we used to be, we haven’t outgrown our mission:

  • Be gracious to each other
  • Embrace our customers
  • Sell lumber, components, designs
Old photo with founding members posing for the photo in front of trucks
Black and white photo of an old logging field
Black and white photo of two employees in front of a truck hauling lumber


Our Beginning

In 1913, Nels Simonson used his determination and keen business sense to start a lumber business that transformed into the same Simonson Lumber that serves you today. That was more than 100 years ago—and a lot has changed.

Growth of simonson lumber

In 1927, Nels Simonson made his debut in the St.  Cloud area with Simonson Lumber (Simonson Cashway Company). The lumber yard grew fast and furious with the growth of the town. Nels prospered with his lumber, coal, building materials, hardware and paint. Nels daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and Frank Hobbs, took over multiple Simonson locations. Today, their three sons, Michael, Stephen and Richard Hobbs, continue the tradition of selling quality materials and providing excellent customer service as taught to them through the years.

Sepia photo of Simonson Lumber


Collage photo of current materials


where we are today

Now, we have six locations across Minnesota, and are the building and lumber experts for contractors and homeowners alike. Though our business has seen many changes and a lot of growth, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing quality building materials, excellent customer service, and an experience we’re proud of.

Rich Hobbs featured on the cover of Business Central magazine

An Incredible Ride

Simonson Lumber President Richard Hobbs is proud of his company’s success, but his real passion is creating a culture of inclusion and respect.

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