Working With Simonson Lumber

The Simonson Difference

At Simonson, you’re more than a customer—you’re family. Our goal as your partner is to help you get the job done the right way, the first time. Our entire team is dedicated to creating a seamless, efficient process that takes you from concept to creation—covering everything in between.

Contractor on the phone at a job site

Simonson’s sales process leverages TEAMWORK. The focus is you. Key players in the Simonson Sales Team:

Two business people going over data charts

Outside Sales Representative

  • The Outside Sales Representative, OSR, is “the face of the company” to our builders/contractor/consumer customers
  • What the Outside Sales Representative says, goes. The OSR is empowered to do what it takes to get the deal DONE.
  • Highly knowledgeable, experienced salespeople help you wade through the noise of “too many choices” all with “too much information.”
  • Their experience smooths the many potential “bumps” of the building process.
  • OSRs know which Simonson brands provide the best value.

Inside Sales Representative

  • The ISR is the “in-store” face of Simonson’s to assure you get answers to your questions.
  • The ISR is charged with answering any question asked about your project (with the same answer the OSR would give you).
  • Having more than one person who “gets what’s going on” gives you a relationship with more than a well intentioned individual, but the commitment of a company.
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Minnesota Window Installation


  • By design, the estimators are somewhat “insulated” from the daily flow.
  • Interruption breeds error.
  • Due dates for quotes are honored by a system that supports estimator’s need for quiet time.

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