Full service without delivery? What kind of a deal is that?

DeliveryLarge, difficult to handle products are WORTH MORE at your jobsite, where YOU need them, than sitting at the factory. Let us bring them to you. (See our delivery policy)

Simonson demonstrates commitment to your project with trucks / trucking. The fleet includes:

  • Freightliner Semi / Conastoga Flatbed Trailer / with Spyder lift: The latest addition to the fleet.
  • Boom Trucks: at least one per yard…..we’ll bring it to the roof.
  • Tandem bed / w/Spyder lifts: Sometimes its just too tight for the booms.
  • 2-Ton Flat Beds: Single axel brings dump beds for larger loads, economically.
  • 1-Ton Flat Beds:
  • Box Van: millwork trucks
  • Trailers: Millwork closed trailers and open flatbed