Replacing all the windows in your home (or even just one) can seem like a daunting task. You may wonder how to know when to replace your windows, or — if it’s obvious that replacement is in your future due to window damage or frustrating performance issues — wonder what to expect from the process. 

At Simonson, we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge as your friendly, local window experts to help make replacing your windows a breeze. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the reasons to replace your windows, the important qualities to look for in your potential new windows, and break down the entire replacement process step by step. Read on to learn everything there is to know about replacing windows! 


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Why should I replace my windows?

Back in the day, windows were expected to last a lifetime and perform faithfully for 100 years. While it may seem appealing to install windows once and never again, that kind of longevity required a homeowner to commit to consistent maintenance like painting, re-puttying and reglazing. Windows were largely single pane, which were not thermally efficient, and it was rare to see leaps in performance, design or efficiency. 

But nowadays, we’re no longer stuck with the high-maintenance windows of yesteryear. Window technology has taken major strides forward, allowing homeowners to enjoy significantly less required maintenance, high quality and performance, and a healthy window lifespan — the best of both worlds. Still, homeowners may need (or choose) to replace their windows for a variety of reasons, including: 


  • Upgrading to a lower-maintenance product. Homeowners don’t need or want to spend their treasured free time painting or fixing windows! Many find the cost of making the switch to a lower-maintenance product is balanced by the time and effort they save in the long run. 
  • Thermal efficiency. Choosing (or sticking with) cheap windows is not the way to save money when energy costs are requiring more frequent window replacement. Along with addressing air infiltration (the #1 contributor to heat loss,) modern technology has made significant improvements to the insulation values of the glass.
  • Investment return. In addition to reducing heat and cooling bills, new windows increase the resale value of a home. New windows can also improve character and style of the home while making it more comfortably liveable.
  • Damage or performance deterioration. A leaky, cracked or otherwise damaged window not only contributes to heat loss in the home, but can also affect your home’s aesthetics and safety. You should replace your windows when one becomes damaged, as the longer you go without functional windows, the more you are spending on increased energy costs.
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What should I look for in replacement windows? What qualities or performance features are important?

When looking for new windows, most homeowners will benefit from considering the following factors:


  • Air infiltration. The window’s primary function is to keep wind and water out of the home. Look for windows with an airtight seal that are rated highly for performance. 
  • Maintenance. New technology has made it possible to choose from a variety of low-maintenance window options that do not compromise on performance. Vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and wood windows with metal-clad exteriors are all solid low-maintenance choices with their own pros and cons. You should also consider the washability of the glass and design of the window before making your final decision.
  • Insulation. We recommend that homeowners look for energy-efficient double-pane or triple-pane windows. There are many insulated double-pane window options available with low-energy coatings, upgraded clear glass, and other energy-efficient features. Learning the trade-offs of each insulated window option and their cost can be overwhelming, so it’s important to rely on a windows expert like the professionals at Simonson to help you choose the best option for your home. 
  • Design. The size, shape and grids of your new windows all contribute to your home’s character, charm and curb appeal, which in turn increases the value of your home. If you’re not sure which style of window would work best with your home’s interior and exterior aesthetic, the Simonson design experts would be happy to help you visualize your options and find the best fit.

What is a good replacement window warranty?

Warranties and related policies vary from brand to brand, and each will offer their warranty information in writing. At Simonson, we choose to offer only the most heavily-warranted products available on the market today. 

We believe that a warranty is only as good as its vendor, and our reputation for follow-through is how we’ve come to be a 110-year-old supplier.  Our customers can trust us to help them understand their replacement windows’ warranty, including the length and scope of coverage, and navigate any repairs or replacements that are covered under their warranty. 



What should I expect when replacing windows?

As local window experts, we aim to make the window replacement process as streamlined and stress-free as possible for our customers. The Simonson team is exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated to customer service, so homeowners should feel comfortable leaning on our expertise and recommendations to make the best decisions for their replacement project. The average window replacement process at Simonson can be broken down into five simple steps: 


  1. Prep. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, we recommend downloading our free Window Replacement Guide. It’s designed to demystify the window replacement process for homeowners and provide a common sense, step-by-step guide to finding the best replacement windows for your home. You’ll walk away knowing what questions to ask when you head to our showroom to begin shopping. 
  2. Shop. In our showroom,  you’ll find real, full-size windows on display, plus knowledgeable sales associates on hand to answer your questions and help guide the process. Your budget, desired style and character of your home will help us identify the best replacement window options for you. Prior to ordering any windows, we may invite the installer to participate in verifying measurements to ensure a perfect fit. 
  3. Order. Most replacement windows are custom-sized to perfectly fit in your home. Before your custom windows are manufactured, you can expect to pay a deposit, as these windows will only have value to your home’s openings and specifications. Your Simonson sales associate will clearly communicate the manufacturing lead times for the window brand you’ve selected, so there will be no timeline surprises. 
  4. Schedule. Based on the manufacturer’s lead times, we’ll determine and schedule an installation period that works for you. As a local team, Simonson is able to accommodate all your scheduling needs and preferences. 
  5. Install & Enjoy. It’s installation time! Depending on the number of windows being replaced, most window replacement projects wrap up in a few days, typically less than a week. We’ll communicate with you before, during and after installation to ensure everything goes smoothly and you’re completely satisfied with your new windows. Even after installation concludes, the Simonson team remains your local resource for any concerns or questions you may have.

Looking for replacement windows near you?

The Simonson Lumber team would be happy to assist you in finding the right window brand, type and style for your home’s unique needs and aesthetic! Contact us today to learn more about our replacement window offerings, or stop by our showroom to take a look in person.