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Andersen Windows and Doors: Uncommon Value, Superior Craftsmanship.

Homeowners and industry professionals agree: Andersen windows and doors rate #1 in quality. In fact, Andersen’s commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality products is why they’re the #1 trusted and recommended window and door brand by contractors, builders, and architects.

Andersen Windows & Doors offers some of the best warranties in the industry. They offer parts for windows and doors built decades ago! From storm and screen door parts to stunning specialty windows, the Simonson Lumber team can help you find the perfect Andersen product for your home. 

Talk to a Simonson Lumber product specialist to see if Andersen is a good fit for your project.

WHY CHOOSE Andersen Windows and Doors?

Andersen windows and doors don’t just look impressive — their performance is impressive, too.

Trusted Reliability

Andersen windows and doors are tested for durability and strength to meet the most rigorous standards of reliability.


With best-in-class standards for quality and performance, it’s no wonder that realtors and homeowners estimate Andersen windows and doors increase a home’s value by at least 10%.

Great Selection of Options

Bring your home design to life with options like dark colors, dramatic sizes and angles, narrow profiles, and sleek hardware.

What to expect when working with Simonson


First, we’ll connect with you regarding your vision for your new Andersen doors or windows. We’ll talk you through your many product options and help you hand-select the windows that will best suit your needs.


  1. To ensure a stress-free installation day, we’ll come to your home well in advance to take detailed measurements.


Installation of your Andersen doors or windows through Simonson will be efficient and thorough — because we’re dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.


When installation is complete, you’ll be 100% satisfied and ready to enjoy your new doors & windows for years to come!

Anderson Windows from Simonson Lumber

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