Aluminum Deck Boards at Simonson Lumber

Durable aluminum decking offers the same convenience as traditional lumber decking, plus the advantage of being a virtually maintenance-free decking material.

Aluminum deck boards require less maintenance than wood or composite decking, yet offer superior resistance to the elements. Water, sunlight, insects, and fire can damage other types of decking materials, but aluminum decking boards withstand these conditions beautifully. 

Aluminum decking reflects and dissipates heat more efficiently than wood and composite decking materials, allowing your aluminum deck to stay cooler to the touch when exposed to extreme temperatures.

We offer a variety of aluminum decking colors to suit every homeowner’s style preferences. Their powder-coated aluminum finish never needs to be stained or sealed. Your aluminum deck only needs to be washed periodically with mild soap and a soft brush—no pressure washer required!

Aluminum decking is also excellent for marine applications, as the decking boards are not susceptible to problems like warping, rotting, splitting, and fading that can be common with wood and composite decking in marine environments.