Simonson Installation is a division of Simonson Lumber aimed at providing other necessities when building or updating a home.

We offer installation services for windows, doors, siding, seamless gutters and insulation.When you find yourself in need of any of these items, you can be assured that Simonson Installation uses only the highest quality materials from premium quality manufacturers.

Builders and homeowners alike find themselves extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and dependability exhibited by our Installation team. Simonson Installation will provide you with a free estimate, a date for installation, and a follow up consultation for your project.

Our goal at Simonson Installation is to have a happily involved customer. We want customers not just for today, but for life! Simonson Installation serves all of central Minnesota and the greater Twin Cities areas.



The envy of the insulation industry, Simonson Installation is a proud part of a 100+ year tradition of excellence.

When we hear a pitch claiming “my crews perform to code”, the truth behind such a claim is: If they did anything less….it would be illegal. We believe in raising the performance bar……above and beyond industry standards.

ALL SIMONSON INSTALLERS are CERTIFIED in proper safety and insulation installation techniques. Make sure your installers are.

Residential Spray Foam

The best insulation method for northern cold climate housing is Closed Cell Polyeurathane Spray Foam Insulation, sealing your house for the best return on your insulation investment.

Roof Area
- Ceilings are the largest source of heat loss in the house (hot air rises).
- Seals penetrations through the ceiling.

*We recommend two inches of closed cell polyeurathane foam to seal the ceiling’s penetrations, topped with our blown insulation to cost effectively bring the total R-Value to your areas code requirements. You want the highest R Value product in vulnerable tight top plate areas.

Wall Cavities
- Seals the gaps, cracks, voids in the wall to eliminate air infiltration
- Air Infiltration matters: Cold won’t go through insulation if it can easily go around it.
- Adds structural rigidity.
- 24 hours allowed to completely off-gas….product is safe, inert and stable.
- Better performance for longer term, providing a better seal and consistency (other types of insulation may “settle” allowing cold spots in the wall).

Energy Walls (foundation or block walls)
- Seals the basement

Rim Joists
- When overlooked, Rim Joinsts are the second largest area of the home where penetrations to exterior contribute to heat / cooling loss.

Residential BLOWN Insulation

The most cost effective way to add insulation in your attic. Used in combination with spray foam (which seals the ceiling), there is no more cost effective combination.

New Construction
- Highest performance
- Attention to detail by highly trained certified insulation installers

- Upgrade your existing attic
- We can remove old inefficient, matted / spent insulation
- Blow Fresh Fiberglass or Cellulose (both GREEN products)



Residential BATT Insulation

The traditional solution
- Lowest cost up-front.
- Installed by experienced installers
- Can still protect your homes warmth.

Waterproofed Foundations

Polywall-brand Spray applied waterproofing products
- Factory trained installers
- Application warranties
- Lifetime
- 20 year