Not all shingles are created equal. Simonson Lumber takes roofing to new heights with superior products and services. From our all-inclusive quotes, experienced contractor connections, product visualizer, quality installation and warranty, you can expect the best roofing with Simonson Lumber.


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Let's face it: no matter how state-of-the-art your computer is, colors just don't look the same online as they do in person. Please stop into our showroom to see actual samples of your shingles before you order. Mortar-boards are available at no charge in all our stores, and we are happy to lend them out to you! Take several of them home with you and put them up on your roof to determine which color best fits with your siding. Getting them on your roof usually helps make your decision. In case it doesn't, we also have our product visualizer.

Simonson Lumber has an amazing visualizer tool that we use to help you make decisions about your roof. We can walk you through it, or you can use it at home to run through your options here:

Use our visualizer to decide which products go best with your siding, windows, and natural light. Just one more great benefit for choosing Simonson Lumber!

Simonson stands behind the products we supply. SURE START WARRANTIES cover not only materials but also can include labor to install qualifying warranty replacement – See store for details. Our endorsed brands assure your experience is engineered to be trouble free.

Do you need your roofing product(s) installed? Simonson Lumber will recommend an installer with a proven track record. We know good work. Trust our recommendation to assure your expectations are met for an experience of superior service.

Comprehensive estimates go beyond “just the price of the shingles”. Our estimate(s)

  • Include enough materials to compete the job (tend to be a qty strong list)
    • You may choose to keep surplus material for possible future repairs. The CHOICE is yours
    • Don’t run short on your install day
  • Include the accessories required for a complete roofing job
  • ONLY PAY for what you use:
    • Return unused STOCK items for credit
    • NOTE: Special Orders may (or MAY NOT) be returnable (see your salesperson)

Full service means we can deliver your materials TO THE ROOF, (not your driveway).

  • Saves the wasted effort (& labor $$$) of hauling the shingles up the ladder to the roof.
  • Safely and efficiently, we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

What are the components required to make up a complete residential roof?

Typically, the components are referred to in three main areas

  • Roofing shingles
    • Asphalt roofing shingles are the most common
    • Roofing is also available made from steel
      • Fabricated to look like shingles/shakes,or
      • Fabricated in steel panels
    • Less frequently called for, but still available are authentic wood cedar shakes
  • Underlayments
    • Ice and Water barrier are common In our northern cold climates
    • Utility grade felt (commonly known as ‘tar paper’)
      • Commonly available in “ 15# ” or “ 30# ”
    • Or Synthetic Felt underlayment(s)
  • Accessory Products
    • Hip and Ridge are used to finish the hips and ridges of residential roofs
    • Starter shingles save application time
    • Vents (most commonly installed):
      • Either through the roof deck or at the ridge
        • plastic or metal are commonly available
    • “Valley Tin”
      • Some installers prefer to use galvanized metal or prefinished metal to reinforce this vulnerable area
    • Flashings
      • Shingle Tins are sometimes necessary to flash or seal the joint of a plane projecting up through the roof deck
      • Roof jacks/ boots /
        • Help seal pipes projecting up through the residential roof
    • Sealants
    • Fasteners
      • Most commonly used are “ROOFING NAILS” typically 1-1/4” galv